Hi. long time no write but still reading regularly.

Okay so lots has been said about patterns, there are books, articles and the outflowings of the Technoid. After shooting clays for only five years or so (I came to it late goldarnit) in the UK I make the following observation.

Many grounds here involve ‘woodland presentations’ i.e. trees and bushes all over the place. time and again I have observed folks take a clay so that it is obscured by tree branches, leaves, bushes etc. not just the outer edge of the foliage either. I may even have done it myself a few times (purely for demonstration purposes only you understand).

Now the killer – most of the time these ‘tree shooters’ break the clay. I bet you have often seen it too.

Please align this with the work of Brister, Gauss and yourself. Ha, get out of this one ! (without the use of ‘go figure’)

Smoke dem birdies


Dear Steve,

A Technoidal explanation of effective shooting through the bushes? Ha! Nothing easier. It’s all regulated by the science of Dumb Luck. I am an expert on the DL science. It applies to a great deal of my life, not just shooting.

The formula is DL=Gs-(T+L)*K.

Dumb Luck = Gaussian distribution minus Trees and Limbs times your Karma. For those less mathematically inclined, the oral presentation of the formula is “There are so many pellets in the air that something sometimes gets through whether you deserve it or not.” Personally, I find DL=Gs-(T+L)*K to be easier to work with.

The first corollary to the rule is DL=>O/<Y). Dumb Luck always applies more to Others than Yourself. This first corollary is immutable. It’s written in stone somewhere.

The formula for DL is perhaps even better known in the US than in the UK. One of the most popular hunted birds in the northern half of the US is the ruffed grouse. It is a particularly challenging woodland dweller. One of it’s main defensive moves is to fly in such a way that it places a pine or aspen tree between itself and the shotgun toting predator. It does this intentionally and is quite expert at it. Many grouse shots are “through the trees” and subject to the DL formula. A surprising number of grouse are taken each year when shot through seemingly impenetrable foliage. Virtually all grouse taken in this manner are taken by one’s shooting companion (First Corollary).

Remember the Technoidal Truism #23 “Dumb luck is better than no luck at all.” This is sage advice. A veritable star to steer by.

Best regards,

Bruce Buck
The Technoid writing for Shotgun Report, LLC
(Often in error. Never in doubt.)

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