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I hope you can help me. I have a Nikko Model 5000-I in 12 guage that I want to use for doubles. The problem is that it has a release trigger. I’m afraid of that and it blows my concentration every time I try to shoot it. Is there anyone that you know of who can either convert this trigger back to a pull trigger?…or does anyone have a pull trigger assembly for this gun?…or does anyone make a pull trigger for it. Any help will be really appreciated. Thank you for taking my question.

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If you are not comfortable with a release trigger, definitely get rid of it. It could be safety issue down the road if you aren’t used to it and no one wants that.

Your 5000 originally came with a perfectly nice single trigger. Problem is that the Nikko only made guns from 1958-1989, so at best parts are 25 years old. They will be tough to find, but perhaps not possible. Google the Golden Eagle Collectors Association and contact the secretary. My guess is that he would have the best info on where to get trigger parts if there are any.

Of course, you could always have a single trigger custom built for the gun, but that would almost certainly cost more than the gun is worth.

Sometimes the easiest way around this sort of thing is to find someone who wants your release trigger Nikko more than you do, part with it and apply the funds to something more to your liking.

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Bruce Buck
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1 Response to Nikko Trigger

  1. Bob Hester says:

    Hello Again,
    I can’t Thank You enough for providing me with the idea of contacting the NIKKO Collectors group for info on parts and service. I contacted Chris Showler at the E-Mail address you provided and …BINGO!!..He’s the guy. Turns out that he has parts to convert my NIKKO from a release to a pull trigger gun AND he does the work AND he even has a Brand New forearm to replace the original one which was split and had a cobbled up repair on it. I shipped him the gun. He rec’d it on Friday the 9th, called me Saturday the 10th and gave me the particulars and I should have it back by the 20th!! That’s great…and I owe it all to you. Thanks so much for the referral. Keep up the fine work.
    Best Regards,


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