Adjusting Sight Picture


In the past, with 3 unmodified shotguns (Beretta A400 Xplor 20 ga, Rem 1100 12 ga, Rem 1100 28 ga) to get the point of impact i want, i move my head around on the stock till i get what I want on the pattern board. And try to duplicate that, and its different for each gun.

It seems to me if i had an adjustible comb (cheek piece) i could choose my head position then adjust the cheek piece to get the point on impact relative to the bead where i want it. So I could set up all three guns tobe the same. Does this sound logical ? Or am I missing something ? Or stated another way, i want the same relationship between cheek mount, bead, and bird to be the same for all three guns.

Can’t wait for your analysis and perspective.

Thanks in advance.

Ray Brown, devoted fan.


Yes, adjustable combs would probably do it if your head position differences aren’t too severe. But these combs are expensive and there is no point in spending money if you don’t have to.

Shim the stocks.

Your Beretta comes with a package of shims and more are available from Beretta USA if you need them. Remington, to their everlasting discredit, doesn’t provide shims for their 1100s, but they are easy enough to make. I make shims out of pieces of plastic shell hull. Just make sure not to put the shims on the edges of the stock where it is thin. Go more towards the center where the shim has more solid wood to push against instead of thin wood at the edges. If you put the shims on the edges, you can split the stock. Don’t ask me how I learned that.

Then just tinker your shims around until your get the sight picture/ point of impact that your heart desires. Don’t be afraid to experiment and it only takes a moment or two to readjust the shims.

And thanks for being a devoted fan, in spite of all the hooey I espouse.

Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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  1. Tom says:

    The “stock” stock on every shotgun I own is way too low for my sight picture. I’m looking at the back of the receiver every time. Not wanting to have a gunsmith build adjustable combs on them all, I experimented with various cheek pad systems. For me, the best was the Beretta gel cheek pad. Generally I need to add 3/8″ height and the Beretta pads conveniently come in .12″ and .24″ so I stack them. That might add too much cast-on for a right hand shooter but that could be adjusted with shims, creating more cast-off. I must have a thin face because it actually fits my sight picture better without any cast adjustment. Being gel, they help mitigate cheek slap, are easy to apply and remove and best of all, don’t mar the wood or composite stocks at all. Also they don’t look all that ugly either, compared to other systems.


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