Browning B27


Could you tell me anything about the Browning Belgian B-27? What do they compare with that Browning makes now? What did they sell for and what are they worth? Is it worth having one of these guns with fixed choke barrels converted to screw in type chokes?


Dear Tom,

The “Liege” and B26 were basically the same gun. FN made about 10,000 of them from 1973~1975 in an effort to compete with the inexpensive guns coming out of Japan. In 1984 FN made the B27 on the B26 action. It was basically the same gun. The standard game gun B27 in 100% condition is listed as being worth $795 in Fjestad’s “Blue Book”. It’s $100 less in 98% condition. A deluxe model is worth another $75.

I felt that they were decent guns, but definitely not as well made as the Citoris. I never saw enough of them in use to develop an opinion of their durability. Clearly, they cut corners compared to the Superposed and it was a different design. I will be very interested to see just how close the B26/27 is to the current Winchester Supreme being made by FN today. I have a Supreme on order for a gun review, so we’ll know soon enough.

Whether or not it is worth it to screw choke it is up to you. Screw chokes will cost from between $200 and $400. It all depends on what you will use the gun for and on what chokes it has in it right now. As is true with most modifications that you do to a factory gun, you will not get the money you spend on screw choking back when you sell the gun.

Best regards,

Bruce Buck
The Technoid writing for Shotgun Report, LLC
(Often in error. Never in doubt.)

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  1. Bob Warren says:

    The B-27 is a great shotgun. As far as adding screw ins, Briley Mfg cant do it because close barrel design. Just have them fix the chokes to your specs, mine are .013 and .018, and legnthen the forcing cones and you will not be disappointed.


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