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Hi, Bruce –

I haven’t written quite a while. I’m a fairly experienced reloader, doing 12’s, 20’s and 28’s on MEC Sizemaster presses. (9000G for 20’s) I get consistently good crimps on the 12’s and 20’s but barely adequate crimps on the 28’s. I reload both Win. AA’s and Remington Premier STS’s. I’ve made all the suggested adjustments in the MEC manual and the best I get still have “swirls.” Some have been very badly deformed and then, making no adjustment, I’ll get a run of several that are acceptable. (The Remington’s seem worse than the Winchesters.)

Is there a trick to 28’s or, because they are only 6 section crimps, are they harder to get consistently good crimps?

Thanks, for your help.


Dear Dave,

I use a MEC Grabber for my 28s and haven’t run into your particular problem myself. Of course, I have other problems. I load AA and Rem hulls with Rem factory wads and Unique powder. Rather than run through all the possible problems here, I’m going to let MEC do it for me. 800-797-4632 is their toll-free help number. You will get someone who will walk you through it far better than I can. I can’t even help myself when reloading the 28, much less help others.

Adjusting MECs for the 28 has caused me grief too. The way my machine is set I can load perfect AA and Rem STS shells using the Remington wad on both, but if I switch to a listed load using a AA wad or Claybuster AA clone I start to get buckling of the Rem hull. The AA hulls work are fine with AA wads. I have lots of friends who happily load the AA wad in the AA and Rem hulls interchangeably, but I can’t. Is it the green curse?

I’ve tried making the usual crimp station adjustments to adapt to the AA wad, but I’ve never been fully successful. I’m sure that someone at MEC’s hotline would tell me how to do it, but I figure that since the factory Rem wads work so well, I’d better stick with the bird in the hand. I have an advanced degree in Technoidal equipment cowardice. I’ve never really cared how or why something worked just as long as it does. How’s that for a confession? Maybe my reloader is worn out and I need a new one? Yeah, that’s it. I need new gear.

Best regards,

Bruce Buck
The Technoid writing for Shotgun Report, LLC
(Often in error. Never in doubt.)

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