Dover Furnace Closing December 31, 2015

An email received 8:08 PM 11/3/15 stated that Dover Furnace Shooting Grounds in Dover Plains, NY will be closing December 31, 2015. The text of the email follows:

Dear Beretta Shooting Grounds Members,

It’s hard to believe we’re closing in on our 7th year in business at Dover Furnace. The place has been transformed from an abandoned summer camp to one of the finest public shooting grounds in the country. Jeanne and I purchased this property in June of 2008 with no real direction on what we would do with it. It was an investment with lots of potential. Since then we’ve been slowly developing the property and expanding the shooting, catering, lodging, and retail offering into what today you know as the Beretta Shooting Grounds. Our next expansion planned was the lodging offering, with the intent of having 60 + rooms available which would have created a luxury destination.

In recent weeks we were approached by a potential buyer for Dover Furnace, and after many days of consideration we have decided to sell the property. The new owner will not be using the property in the same capacity, therefore the shooting grounds will be closing December 31st of this year. For those members and/or non members with key/targets, you’ll have until then to use them up. Those members who signed up for the rifle/pistol range membership, will be given a refund.

As previously mentioned this property was always intended as an investment. It was a difficult decision for both of us, but the economics ruled in the direction we’re taking.

We want to thank you for your support and patronage for the last seven years. We’ll miss the friendships and daily interaction with the public shooting world.


Jim & Jeanne Muncey

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