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Mar del Plata (Argentina) Estimados Señores: Estamos tratando de reorganizar algunos campos de tiro al vuelo (hélice-paloma) en nuestro zona y desearía dentro de vuestras posibilidades hacerme llegar algún archivo para poder bajar el reglamento internacional actual, como así también … Continue reading

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Bruce, What book(s) would you give to a new shooter? And, what books would you give to an experience shotguner as a gift? Thank you, Ian Ian, For both a new and experienced shooter, I really like “The Orvis Wingshooting … Continue reading

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Parallel Combs

Dear Technoid, I would like to know what your feelings are on parallel stocks. I have a problem mounting my 391 in the exact same place every time and I am shooting below my talent. After reading articles about this … Continue reading

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Adjustable Gizmos

Bruce, I was just about to buy an offset pad when a curious thing happened. A squadmember in my skeet league had his offset pad fall apart in the middle of a round. I don’t know which brand it was … Continue reading

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Triggers And Peking Duck

Hey Bruce, I have recently started thinking about triggers in shotguns,mostly semi auto shotguns..know what I think? they suck! But you already knew that. Anyway,I got to thinkin about how it may affect shooting. I am thinkin that lousy heavy … Continue reading

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Dover Furnace Closing December 31, 2015

An email received 8:08 PM 11/3/15 stated that Dover Furnace Shooting Grounds in Dover Plains, NY will be closing December 31, 2015. The text of the email follows: Dear Beretta Shooting Grounds Members, It’s hard to believe we’re closing in … Continue reading

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Shifting Cross Dominance

Bruce, Recently, I had the occasion to challenge my own eyesight. My shooting became just horrible. Finally, in desperation I tried the “scotch tape over left eyeball/sunglasses” routine and suddenly discovered an enormous improvement in my ability to stay with … Continue reading

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