Where To Focus


I’m a second year trap shooter, spent the first year looking down the barrel using the bead, now I look to the field for the bird and bring the gun to it by watching the bird, hit a lot more that way but am told to cover the bird, what’s that mean if you don’t look down the barrel, kind of confusing, which is the best way to aim for a bird?



I know, it gets confusing. Try to think of it in terms of primary and secondary focus. Your primary focus is definitely on the target. But in your peripheral secondary focus, you also are aware of the barrel. You don’t look at it because you are looking at the bird, but you are certainly aware of the barrel.

It’s like pointing your finger at something in the distance. You focus at the thing in the distance, but you also see the finger in your peripheral vision.

This peripheral vision stuff isn’t something you try to do. It just happens. So you can put 100% of your effort in focusing on the target and you will still, like it or not, be able to see that rib and front sight as sort of an out-of-focus smudge. But that’s good and it’s the way it ought to be. Your body just sort of does it. It’s it amazing what our bodies do for us.

Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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