Extra 20 Gauge Bbls For Beretta 682

Dear Technoid,

I’m contemplating a set of 20 Ga. barrels for my 682 gold Sporting (the old greystone model). My questions are,

1)In what lengths did Beretta make these 20 Ga. barrels for the gold sporting?

2)Will the 20 Ga. barrels balance and swing the same as equivalent length 12 Ga. barrels?

3)You wrote that 20Ga. gives up about 30% to a 12Ga in sporting clays. How about at skeet distances?

4)How long do you think Beretta will supply these extra 20 Ga. sets for the old 682 now that they’re busy with the “E”?

My last question is regarding patterns. I see people referring to 80/20, 30/70, etc when discussing patterning and checking for POI. What do these numbers mean? I’ve obviously never patterned my guns but after reading your articles on patterning(you’re basically screwed if the patterns are way off?) I’m afraid to find out!



Richmond, VA

Dear David,

I think that the best place to go for extra 20 gauge barrels for your 682 would be to contact Rich Cole at Cole Gunsmithing, Rt. 123, Harpswell, ME 04079, Tel: 207-833-5027, <www.colegun.com>. Rich was a barrel fitter at Beretta long ago and he knows all about it. Please give him my best wishes.

1) I’m not sure what lengths the 20s for the 12 gauge Gold Sporting came in or what the supply is like. See Rich Cole above.

2) The 20 ga bbls will be lighter than your 12 gauge bbls. They will not swing the same.

3) The 20 gives up 30% to the 12 in sporting? Did I write that? At skeet, you should give up very little, if anything. About as many AmSk championships are won with tubed 20s as with 12 gas guns in the Open event.

4) How much longer will Beretta supply the extra 20 Ga bbls? I don’t have the vaguest idea. Beretta moves to it’s own music.

5) Patterning: Go back and read more of my stuff on patterning and the difference between patterning point of impact and barrel convergence. The difference is critical. POI can be simply adjusted by altering stock fit. Convergence is much more problematic.

Testing for POI and convergence is like going to the doctor for a check-up. If everything seems pretty good beforehand, an examination will only leave you feeling the same or very bad. You can break even or lose, but you can’t win. You can only come out ahead if you know there’s something wrong before you go in. Then maybe it can be fixed. Moral: if your gun shoots fine for you, don’t tempt fate and do a bunch of tests. Leave it alone. You can only break even or lose. You can’t win. If the gun isn’t shooting right, then test the heck out of it. Maybe you’ll find out what’s wrong.

Best regards,

Bruce Buck
The Technoid writing for Shotgun Report, LLC
(Often in error. Never in doubt.)

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2 Responses to Extra 20 Gauge Bbls For Beretta 682

  1. Phil Smith says:

    I read “Shotgun Reports” often and enjoy what it is you do (most of the time). In regards to the question earlier of 20 gauge barrels on a 682. I once owned (and wished I still did) the same gun and acquired 20 gauge and 28 gauge barrels from Rich Cole. I took both barrels to the P.O. hidden inside a cloth slip and weighed them on the postal scale. BTW – I would not do that again! I dis-remember the weights but they were close. The main difference, because the 20 was on a 12 gauge frame, there was more weight (metal) in the chamber area so the balance was different, i.e. more weight between the hands. Shoulda kept that set.
    “Shoot straight and tell the truth”


  2. Bob Shemeld says:

    I was a confirmed Skeet shooter and purchased a Beretta 687EELL skeet gun with 28’ barrels. Then I discovered Sporting Clays. I live near the Beretta factory in Maryland so I approached them about another set of barrels with changeable chokes. They told me it would be at least a year before they could have one. After much searching, I finally went to Briley who discouraged me from installing choke tubes in the skeet barrels (‘you don’t want to alter those nice chrome barrels’) and kindly gave me Rich Cole’s number.

    Rich seemed to be the only one in the country that had barrels; he gave me a choice of length and porting. I selected a 30’ ported which he fitted in a few days. The barrels have worked flawlessly for some 18 years.

    My hat’s off to Rich Cole and Briley.


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