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I’m thinking of retiring my 682 gold combo and moving up to a ASE90 trap combo. The 682 has served me well. The only shortcoming is barrel registration. Three barrels-three very different points of impact. This seems to be a common problem as related by the 682 folk in these parts. Can I expect this problem with an ASE90 or do things get better with the higher quality gun?

Terry Graham

Dear Terry,

I’ve never owned an ASE90 or the same (but decontented) DT-10, but I’ve spent time with both guns in their sporting clays versions. I do not think that they are good values. Either stay with the 682 or go to a Perazzi. I’ve heard of many reliability problems with the ASE90s, especially from my Australian readers.

Spending more on the ASE90/DT10 Beretta or Perazzi will NOT insure that all your barrels are properly regulated. I’ve had just as many problems with barrel regulation on Perazzis as I have on Citoris. If regulation is your only concern, send the barrels to Eyster or Wilkinson or some other barrel guy. That’s one of the reasons I like to buy my guns with solid chokes. Not only do I get better balanced barrels, but I have more options when it comes to regulating them. By the way, Briley can install screw chokes at an angle to correct regulation. Not eccentric chokes. An angled installation. Talk to Chuck Webb at Briley about this. If the gun comes with factory screw chokes, you have fewer choices.

Best regards,

Bruce Buck

The Technoid writing for Shotgun Report, LLC
(Often in error. Never in doubt.)

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