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Choke For Skeet

Bruce…. I have a Rem 1100 Sporting in 28 ga with the extended Brileys. What choke do you think would be best for Skeet? I am shooting Fiocchi 3/4oz #9’s.. with the IC tube most of the time. Do you … Continue reading

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Rib Picture And POI

Dear Technoid, I am a little confused, I just purchased a 12 guage Browing Gold sporting clays automatic. The gun comes with three shims, that go imbetween the reciver, and but stock. The shim that came with the gun has … Continue reading

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The Experience

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Point Of Impact And Choke Tube Pressure

Bruce: After reading your response and before a pre dinner pop I relaxed to the cogistative state about the subject. The dim bulb in this old head lighted up and I went again to the pattering board. After thinking about … Continue reading

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870 Light Contour Wingmaster

Dear Bruce: I want to buy a Wingmaster 870 12 gauge to keep my Brownings company. I do a lot of clays (5 stand, wobble trap, skrap, skeet, some sporting clays) and love upland hunting. I also like to waterfowling. … Continue reading

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Pigeon Loads

Bruce, I have been pondering this til the wee hours of the night and need some advice,when I am reloading what velocity should I try to averaging? I do however know I have to spend time on the patterning board … Continue reading

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Cleaning A Beretta Gas Barrel

Dear Technoid, I love my 390, but I hate to clean it. It takes longer to get all the dirt off my hands than it does to clean the gun. Do you use gloves when cleaning your guns? If so, … Continue reading

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