On Teaching Women To Shoot Shotguns

On Teaching Women To Shoot Shotguns

Phil Bourjaily and Holly Heyser

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1 Response to On Teaching Women To Shoot Shotguns

  1. Bob Shemeld says:

    I taught my wife to shoot. She has great eye-hand coordination and she is an athlete so she was a quick learn. The first thing that have to go are earrings, at least dangly ones; the little adjustment buckles on bra straps leave dandy imprints if they are not moved out of the way. The comment about using a prop is well made. I used two drawings, one from the prospective of the gun barrel and one on a transparent/tracing paper of a clay bird. This way I could move the drawings to depict different scenarios. My wife has a long neck so gun fit was a problem even with a Beretta fitting; it was resolved using a stick-on cheek pad. Don’t be afraid to use a 12 gage, she shoots a 686 Beretta Silver Perdiz 12 gage all day long and out shoots most of the men on the course; including me. Remember woman vote, I think if we all worked to get as many woman as we can to enjoy the sport, there may be less talk of gun control.


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