Lead-Free Shot In An Older Browning

Dear Mr. Buck,

I have a 28 gauge Citori Superlight with fixed chokes (IC/M) manufactured in 1991. I sent Browning an email inquiring whether gun could handle steel shot. The reply indicated no because the chokes were fixed. I then informed Browning that your review of the Superposed in Shotguns on review stated that the Superposed could handle Bismuth and Kent Impact Tungsten Matrix and asked whether my gun could handle that shot. The reply suggested that my gun would handle Bismuth, but that the Tungsten Matrix wasn’t recommended.

Can you comment?

Thank you,

Michael Iraggi


If Browning says only bismuth, then go with that. Kent Tungsten Matrix has a density which is 97% that of lead and an even softer surface. It’s a mixture of tungsten and a soft polymer. I’d happily use it in my Belgian Brownings. But then again, Browning and I don’t see eye to eye over a number of things.

But, if Browning says just bismuth, do what they say and don’t worry about it. The original bismuth shot had the reputation of shattering, but perhaps the current production is better.

Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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