S&W Elite Gold


I have an S&W Elite Gold.. I am not having issues, but I am curious to know if parts are available “internal” parts I mean. Also.. I am wondering if you think cutting the stock is ruining the gun being it has checking and no butt plate. I am told that higher end guns have that a lot. I was toying with having a recoil pad installed. Anyway.. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Rich G


I had an S&W Elite Gold for several years and it was an excellent gun. I never needed any parts, so I didn’t get to use the “lifetime guarantee” which S&W gave with the gun. If you are not the original owner of the gun, then you are on your own for parts.

Try calling S&W and see what they say. If that doesn’t work, give http://www.dickinsonarms.com or http://www.skbshotguns.com a call. They both sell guns virtually identical inside to your gun, so they have to have someone to fix them.

As to cutting off the checkered butt, I wouldn’t do it unless you really have to. It will definitely reduce you used gun value.

Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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