Case coloring vs Case harden Color-Best retail values?


As a semi-collector, Browning Belgiums, Beretta (No SO’s) now looking at CG and Perazzi.

Found nice TM1 Comp iv with Custom Brent Umberber Stock, nice gun; then a CG Summit Sporting. Earily 2003 imported 2004, was say 85% took to CG Cambridge Maryland and Andrew Senior gunsmith made it a 95% gun, CG gave us a Free Free “Pit Stop”.

New CG guns are so good, they don’t need service, and Andrew’s staff needes “keep business” work! WOW. Even free Hat!

Now, used P gun or poor man’s p gun (CG)?

Found 2004 CG Summit Sporting Limited , with factory adjustable comb, triggers, extended chokes (standard) and lock case for $2k.

Limited was well under P gun used prices (Had MX8 Case harden Color).

Here is my question: The CG limited has wear , normal; however, the seller said “Chemical” damage on the top of the receiver, under the top latch down to the safety/selector switch. A Bummer!

Spoke to CG $1k and 6 months to Italy for refinishing; called Cole’ s to busy and not enough experience with CG’s: called Denny at Turnbull, send disassembly; called Mitch at GunsmithLTD send disassembly. Recalled CG, will not send disassembled during another “Free” pit stop (warrantee issue).

Andrew at CG personally call me and clearified CG process; forged, finished , engraved then harden; then case colored for model or “tinalloy” or” Invisalloy” finished. All are proprietory processes!

Was it wear or “chemical” damages. Well spoke to elderly gentleman in Montana, who sold his cyanide case coloring business to a feller in Texas, due to EPA regulation and Montana river water quality.

This elderly gentleman in Montana, told me a story about his former employee, who had a body abnormality and secreated a high rate of acidity in his hand. He would remove bluing/case colors , when he touched any coated metal parts. A bummer for a gunsmith!

The CG limited has the wear to bare metal and minor pitting right where someone would hold a , broken o/u with his thumb wrapped between top lever and safety. There are white marks on the pistol grip that appears to be from the finger wrapped around it as if a fingerprints removed the Tru Oil finish.

Andrew at CG agreed that the gun was not “chemically” damaged, but just a clamly handed prior owner, who did not varnish the case color.

So how do we NRA grade this gun; say 3 sq in of bare metal vs say 20 sq inches of the receiver surface? 17/20 or say 85%. Barrel bluing 95%+ Wood 95% Overall say 85-90% in my opinion. Book value $2,850 with factory adjustable comb maybe.

Thank you for reading this far, any opinions?

Frank, part time collector

Dear Frank,

I’m not sure exactly what your question is. Although you give a good description, I really couldn’t NRA rate a gun without seeing it. I’m sure that your opinion on that makes the most sense.

As to re-case coloring, I wouldn’t bother. Shoot the gun the way it is and enjoy it. You got it at good price so have fun and don’t fuss. Redone guns seldom bring the seller the cost of the repairs. And CGs, while having excellent service, are mechanically pretty average Italian guns. After all, the boys copied their uncle Batista’s Rizzinis, except for the ejectors.

Best regards,
Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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1 Response to Case coloring vs Case harden Color-Best retail values?

  1. I shoot a CG Magnus Grouse for Sporting down under – love the gun and shoot it better than a previously owned DT10L and MX8. CG are a popular maker among the Sporting shooters here and rightly so.
    There have been issues with the case color Magnus Grouse guns in that some chemical cleaners give the edges of the case color a whitish, cloudy look. Having personally seen two of these with discoloration I do not use ANY ‘chemical’ cleaner designed for barrel internals on any other part of mine. I find that a soft cloth with plain old gun oil and a wipe down cleans the action sides, top and bottom of the action just fine.
    I have wondered if it could be the cleaner attacking the clear coating over the case color that CG uses, but nothing confirmed or suggested as the cause.

    By the way, the importer of these will not ‘make good’ on the warranty or provide any good will towards repair, citing the maker of the chemical cleaners as the party at fault…


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