Hot Barrels Change Point Of Impact?

Dear Technoid,

Have you ever considered how a shotgun point of impact may vary with hot barrels verses cold barrels caused by thermal stress. I’m thinking about the effect of uneven cooling, temperature and thermal expansion causing stress, distortion and bending of the barrels hence changing the POI.

Horribly technical I know but it’s got to be asked!

Steve H.

Dear Steve,

Yes, I have thought about just this once while I went to get some more sugar for my coffee. It has not concerned me since. In the shotgun games I play (hunting, sporting, trap, skeet) I have never gotten the barrels all that hot, Well, one time in Colombia shooting dove I did, but not otherwise. There may be a very subtle POI shift when target shooting, but the amount of shift is inconsequential when considering point of impact when you look at the size of a shotgun pattern.

Barrel heat influencing POI certainly does affect long distance rifle shooting, but that is an entirely different deal. Heat shifted POI for shotguns? Fuggedabouded!

Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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