Krieghoff K-80 Parcours


When you reviewed the Krieghoff K-80 Parcours what did you think of the fixed chokes at M and IM. I hate to change chokes when shooting a gun a sporting clays. Fixed chokes are fine with me. Might be tight for shorter shots but who cares when you love to see puffs of smoke anyway. I would like your impressions if possible. If it were your gun how would you set it up?



I reviewed the Krieghoff Parcour and commented on the wonderfully light barrels. Krieghoff was finally making a Perazzi! Part of the reduced barrel heft was due to using fixed chokes instead of the heavier screw chokes. Mod/IMod was the choice, just like Perazzis new fixed choke sporter.

If I owned the gun, I’d probably leave the chokes alone and just concentrate on the targets. Fussing with chokes is highly over rated. Besides, if you are really anal retentive, you can do as much or more by changing shells as you can with changing chokes.

If I could order custom chokes for a 12 ga sporter, I’d probably pick Mod/Mod. Yup, both the same. That way I would never worry about which barrel to shoot first at which target. I’d just load ’em up and yank the trigger. But Mod/Imod is close enough. Yes, it’s snug for the real close stuff, but you ought to be able to hit those with just about anything anyway. If you really worry about ultra close shots, put some spreader shells in your pocket. Can’t use them at FITASC, but you can at NSCA.

Of course, if you buy a Parcours to get that delightfully light barrel, as opposed to Krieghoff’s usual rail road tie balance, and the fixed chokes don’t work for you, there is always Briley’s Thinwalls as an escape plan. Me, I’d stick with the Mod/IMod and never look back.

Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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