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Holly Heyser-Shooting Skeet Using ShotKam


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Good, But Could Be Better

Dear Technoid: Last year, I bought a 28 gauge Citori Lightning with 28 inch barrels and Invector chokes. I bought it for shooting skeet informally and for hunting grouse, woodcock, and preserve pheasants (shot at close range over a pointing … Continue reading

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Browning Superposed Choke Markings

Buck, I tried it this weekend and I must agree that your method of measuring length of pull is the best. The gun I shoot most often is a Winchester 1400 automatic with a trigger to butt pull of 13 … Continue reading

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Richmond Secures Olympic Double | USA Shooting

Source: Richmond Secures Olympic Double | USA Shooting

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Choke Spread And Yardage

Hi Bruce, I found this table explaining choke patterns and designations. Looking at the table which I copied and pasted below, is it correct to assume that an “extra full” choke would command a 70% shot hit ratio inside a … Continue reading

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Disturbed Forest – The Forsaken Science of Healthy Forests

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Dominant Eye Changing

Dear Bruce, First off I am really glad to find a place where the real truth is flailed! I have been shooting sporting clays for six months. I am currently shooting in the high seventy percent bracket fairly regularly. That … Continue reading

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