Bunker Guns

Dear Bruce,

The pheromonal qualities of your technoidal effluvium draws me like a moth to the flame for my daily dose of shotgunning wisdom!

How about discoursing on guns, setup thereof, chokes, and anything else that comes to mind regarding, a: bunker trap, (which I just discovered only 100 miles away), and b: wobble trap,( which is more readily available).

Thanks, and keep it up..the great work, that is.


Dear Neil,

Uh oh. Bunker is addictive. So is wobble. If I had a bunker within 100 miles, I’d wear my car out. As it is, I shoot a lot of wobble. It’s only out of raised ATA houses, not true flush-to-the-ground “continental” trap, but it’s great fun. I think that wobble out of an ATA trap house is harder because you can get the extreme angles out of the side of the house, not from under the roof.

I use the same guns for wobble/bunker that I do for all my trap/skeet/sporting/pigeon shooting: either a 30″ Beretta 303 trap gun or a 30″ FN B25 Superposed Special Trap #6. I’m personally a little more consistent with the gas gun, but the O/U is clearly far, far more popular with those who take the bunker seriously.

As to chokes, the top barrel is always Full. When you need that second shot, you want everything you can get. The bottom barrel is Imp. Mod. or Mod. depending on how your gun patterns those itsy-bitsy 24 gram 1350 fps loads. My FN has Briley Thinwalls and I like the Imp. Mod. for the first barrel, especially for those sneaky wide angles that always catch me by surprise.

I set all my guns up to shoot 50/50. I’m just used to it and it makes using the same gun for a variety of sports much easier. Sporting has a lot of droppers, so I don’t want any built-in vertical lead. In bunker and ATA, I just cover the bird and pull hard. I have no argument with people who set their bunker guns up a little high, but when you get one of those nasty dandelion-cutting hard rights, it’s easy to go over the top.

By far the most popular bunker gun among the big boys is the Perazzi. Beretta 682 is probably a distant second. No one uses a Superposed. That’s OK. Just means that there are more Superposeds for me.

Just as an aside, personally I set up with my muzzle a foot or so below the lip of the bunker/house. I don’t hold high the way you do in ATA trap because I don’t want a low, hard angle bird to get under my barrel. Holding a bit low also helps me get a real good look at the bird. I don’t move on the “flash” because it takes me longer to make a fast, bad move and then correct it than it does to make one slightly slower good move that needs no correction. I have no argument with people who set up just a little high. If it works for them, fine. I’ve also noticed that holding just a bit low under the lip of the bunker/house lets me see the bird better in changing light. Lighting conditions have more effect on me in bunker/wobble than in any of the other clay sports.

Best regards,

Bruce Buck
The Technoid writing for Shotgun Report, LLC
(Often in error. Never in doubt.)

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