Franchi Sporting Shotguns

Dear Mr.Bruce Buck

What do you think about Franchi Sporting Shotguns?
What are pros/cons of them.


Tuncay Kahraman


Franchi is a division of Beretta and makes good guns. These aren’t just cheaper Berettas. Franchi has always made their own in-house designed gun. Same with Benelli, another division of Beretta.

For sporting clays, I’m more enthusiastic about the Franchi Instinct Sporting O/U than I am about their inertia-driven autos. The autos are good guns, but those that I have seen are field weight, not target weight. And inertia systems have more perceived recoil than gas systems, as on the Beretta autos. But if you do like a lightweight auto, the Franchi Affinity Sporting might be a fit. Your call. The Affinity Sporting was introduced in 2013, but FranchiUSA doesn’t show the gun on its website today, so I’m not sure of it’s status.

The Instinct Sporting is currently (2016) listed for $1,899 in a 30″ 12 gauge model with a factory given weight of 7.5#. This is certainly within the ball park for size for a clays gun. The same gun, an Instinct Catalyst, with a Monte Carlo stock and 28″ barrels sized for women is $1,599.

The Instinct has the typical Val Trompia action with flat sides to the monobloc and fixed underlugs to go with the low mounted Browning-style locking bolt. This is a very popular action design in Italy and many makers use it because it works. You don’t see a lot of Franchi Instinct Sportings used in matches. Most people go with a Browning or Beretta low end model to fit in the “around $2,000” O/U price bracket, but Franchi does make a decent gun and if it suits you, I would certainly consider it.

Best regards,
Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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2 Responses to Franchi Sporting Shotguns

  1. Peter Giustra says:

    I Own three instinct L 12 20 28 I love them and they are my upland guns…If the Franchi sporting gun is anything like my field guns…In my opinion its a great gun.


  2. Doug says:

    I bought one of these o/u and I like it for clays. Only problem is it is impossible to remove ejectors, book is useless and customer service is non-existant.


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