High Lonesome Ranch

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  1. Bill says:

    I went to the HLR last October to bird hunt although it is known as much for its first class big game hunting. Hardee county which has a major portion taken up by the ranch is known as a hot spot for record class mule deer. While I was there an enormous 6X7 elk was taken. I can say that the accommodations are wonderful, the guides and bird dog work was great and the ranch is incredibly large. They had some pointing labs which was the first time I had seen that type of dog work. The ranch is over 250,000 acres in size! One of the most interesting things I did when I had some free time was, I toured their dog kenneling/training facility. It is referred to as the Dog Mahal for a reason. Fully insulated with room for approximately 40 dogs, it is cooled in the Summer, heated in the winter with anti-microbial floor surfaces that are slanted to a central drain. A total state of the art facility and seldom seen dog kennel.
    My only disappointment at the ranch was that all the birds are planted and therefore not much different shooting than any other pen raised bird hunting. They also had planted bob white quail to provide some different birds besides the pheasants and red legged partridge (chukar like). I also saw a huge flock up close (30 yards) of turkeys. I had a problem shooting at any quail because they are not indigenous to Western Colorado so they seemed out of place. While there I was informed of a current development at the HLR where a lifetime membership with all rights of ownership will be available to a very limited number of personnel for approximately $6 million purchase price. It is a heck of a deal for a younger person, especially with a family that has the funds to make such an investment because the ranch has everything to hunt or fish that a person could want and the terrain varies from 6,000 to 10,000 feet. A lot of money sure: but for a family lifetime investment, a bargain when you consider a decent lot with a cheap condo in Aspen costs more than that.


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