Fixing A Pistol Grip

Dear Technoid,

I have a shotgun that has a large distance between the trigger face and the pistol grip, making it challenging to get my index finger onto the trigger while gripping the pistol grip with my palm. I have small hands, even small for a lady. If I ball up a sock and hold it in my three fingers against the grip I can reach the trigger comfortablly. Mole skin is not thick enough to shorten that distance, so I was wondering if you know of a product that mounts to the grip to shorten that distance.


I don’t know of any “easy on, easy off” aftermarket product to build up your pistol grip temporarily. Usually it means a new stock with a tighter pistol grip.

But…. Bondo is an amazing substance. It’s a kind of putty often used to repair dents in automobiles. You put it on like clay, which then hardens. If the pistol grip were protected with a layer of Saran wrap and then built up with enough Bondo to form a comfortable grip, it would be temporarily attached and might meet your needs. And Bondo is easy to alter by just adding more or sanding some off. It will look ugly, but it just might work and it is certainly cheap. If it doesn’t work, just take it off and little is lost.

The other approach is to take the gun to a stock maker and have him remove the old pistol grip and affix a new one. There will be some cost involved, but it should work if the stockmaker knows what he is doing. Or you could go whole hog and get Wenig to make you a completely new stock built to fit you perfectly. It’s expensive, but that’s the way pros do it.

Another alternative is to see if your gun comes in a smaller lady’s or youth model. Those will have shorter length of pulls and shorter grip to trigger distances.

You don’t mention which what brand and model of gun you already have, but some guns come with adjustable triggers mounted on rails. If your brand of gun offers that on some models, perhaps such a trigger could be retrofitted to your gun.

Of course, the last ditch move is to get a new gun that fits you. But that’s the easy way out.

Best regards,
Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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1 Response to Fixing A Pistol Grip

  1. jon bastable says:

    Hi Bruce,
    Some thoughts on altering a pistol grip: due to an altered arm (bone cancer) I had difficulty reaching the safety and trigger. I decided to saw the pistol grip off and installed a grip behind the trigger similar to the ones used on tactical guns. Ugly but works great. ATI sells the grips and the arrangement to secure the grip to the stock. Your reader may consider this as an alternative.



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