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Shotshell reloading components. Please suggest a good source(s) for a understanding of the components in a shell. Specifically, primers comparison: what makes them different. (Price aside) Powder, what makes them different. Hulls, one piece, two piece, brass, metal, 8 crimp, 6 crimp Seems simple, put them together and you get pressure and velocity. However …..



One could write a book, or a couple of them, on how shotgun shell components interact. One of the most informative books I’ve found is “Hodgdon Powder Shotshell Data Manual” by Don Zutz and Ron Reiber, published 20 years ago in 1996. Amazon had some used copies last time I looked. This isn’t the basic reloading manual. It’s a lot more.

It has a particularly good chapter on component selection and how different components affect performance. The info is 20 years old, but for the most part is quite current. There is also a good chapter on component substitution and its effects. The book has 65 pages of good articles and then 130 pages of reloading recipes.

Hodgdon ran an interesting test reloading a single Remington Premier 12 gauge hull 15 times to test whether the velocity and pressure changed significantly during the hull’s life. They also ran the same test on a Remington Premier 28 gauge reloading it 7 times. The results surprised me. The first part of the book makes great reading.

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