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I recently lost my beautiful husband and our insurance policy (his incredible gun collection) have been selling like hot cakes at the local gun shop due to quality, condition, rarity and just good lookin’ and work perfect.
I find myself with only his two competition Baretta’s left and I am not feeling confident I will get anything near their worth on the open market. They are:
682 Gold H25791B 12 gage Combo 32/34 has all paperwork and original case hard and soft.
682 Gold H09586B 12 gage S+S (28″)6 barrels O/U and also all paperwork and hard and soft cases.
He won so many gold medals and a kazillion silver with these incredible shot guns. Before he passed (it was so quick…rare children’s disease that slept until he was 71???!! The medical field is STILL stunned, me too.) he told me to take my cute little girlfriend that can shoot anything off a horse at a gallop (yes, Nat’l Ride + Shoot Champion, several times) and go to an international competition and she shoots, I sell.
Shotgun Report maybe has some old soldier out there to help the new widow of former Deputy Chief of Police down in the LA area.
His friends offered to ‘take his collection off my hands’ but I knew better than that. He told me to be careful and sent me to the local gun guy who has been STELLAR with the sales, money, paperwork, everything but doesn’t have a market for these shiny doo-dads. Can you send me a big brother?
Warmest regards, Gourmet cook of anything you can shoot…..

Dear Louisa,

As far as pricing your husband’s Beretta’s goes, a couple of good places to start would be on the internet at http://www.gunsinternational.com and with Fjestad’s “Blue Book of Gun Values”. Every dealer has a copy of the latter. These will give you rough retail prices. Natually, much depends on the condition of the guns too. GunsInternational is a great place to list your guns for sale at a very low cost.

Best regards,
Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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