Cross Dominance Fixes On Guns


Interested in cross dominance and have read the comments that you have made on this topic – well thought out and structured. I have read elsewhere the modifying the cast is a viable approach to solving this problem, however this is not something that you mention as a possible solution. Could you give me your take on that idea? Appreciate your help and have much enjoyed your blog.
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For a cross dominant shooter, cast off alone won’t really do it. If you want to go that route, you’d really need a crossover stock. Remember, you have to move the sighting plane the width of your eyes. That’s a lot. Crossover stocks do work for some people, but not for others who have tried them. And they are expensive, and weird, and can be quite uncomfortable for some. Here’s a photo of one so you can get the idea.


Another fix for cross dominance which I might not have mentioned elsewhere is the the Carey Sidesighter. It is every bit as weird as the crossover stock is, but not as expensive. Basically it involves attaching two horizontal aiming points extending out the side of the rib. Of course, that will make you aim your shotgun, and that’s never good.









Other than these two extreme approaches, the only fixes I know for cross dominance are the usual ones: blink down, put a patch on the dominant eye or switch sides. These are the approaches with the most success for most shooters.

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Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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