Doubtful Perazzi Chokes

Hi Bruce,

Having a close look at my MX8 with fixed chokes, and I find the chokes are only 1.5″ long with lots of reamer marks in them, I may be a bit fussy but I would have thought a gun of this price would have had longer chokes and better finished off inside.

I know you have several Perazzis, are yours the same ? or is it just the new models coming out like this now.



Dear Brian,

In my experience Perazzi tends to run long fixed chokes in the tighter constructions. More open fixed chokes are shorter. I’ve never seen reamer marks in a Perazzi barrel unless they were committed by some ham fisted goat of a shade tree gunsmith after the gun left the factory. There are quite a few shotgun aficionados who consider Perazzi as the finest barrel maker extant.

Also, did you mike the chokes? Do they measure roughly what you might expect from the choke designation?

That said, pattern the gun before you do anything. The pattern is the only thing that matters. If it patterns right, it is right. Also check for proper barrel convergence and for excessive plastic build-up around the reamer marks.

If it passes all three tests, you don’t give a darn what it looks like.

I’d let the guy you bought it from know what you have found in the barrel and tell him that you will be testing and miking the gun to make sure that it has not been fooled with somewhere between the factory and your sale.

As an aside (my entire writing career may be considered an aside), there is a lot of controversy over whether long chokes are actually noticeably better than short ones. Most of the high grade European gun makers still stick to the long chokes for tight chokes theory, but some of the choke tube makers have been getting good patterns from much shorter tube lengths. Teague is a good example of this. The theory is that short chokes require less squeeze to produce a given pattern than long ones do. On the other side, the long chokes squeeze the shot more gradually. Take your pick.

Bottom line: Pattern and test for barrel convergence. Handsome is as handsome does.

Best regards,

Bruce Buck
The Technoid for Shotgun Report, LLC

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