Comp N Port Choke

Dear Bruce,

I purchased an A300 and took it to the skeet range the next day even though it was raining. I couldn’t wait to see if it worked it is my first auto shotgun. I enjoyed it so much it may become by skeet gun. I have been using my 725 sporting for everything since I got it s few years ago. A very experienced skeet shooter I shot with suggested I get an Comp N Port cylinder choke for it for skeet. What do you think?


Your most excellent Beretta A300 should should have come with three chokes- IC, Mod and Full.

There is so much hope in buying a new choke. It’s like a golfer buying yet another putter. One doesn’t know if it will be better, but one hopes that it will. Besides, chokes are relatively inexpensive compared to the cost of the gun and the costs of shooting for a month or so.

But… the Comp N Port chokes are ported. While that is supposed to lower recoil, strip the wad and solve the riddle of the Sphinx, it also makes clean-up a chore. Those ports will get quite dirty and are a pain to clean according to gun site comments from those who own them.

If you like to keep things clean, that’s an issue. If you are like me and never clean anything until it stops running, it’s not.

Are these chokes the best thing for skeet? I don’t have the vaguest idea. I hear of them being used mostly for heavy hunting loads. And remember too, patterns are as much dependent on the shell you are using as the choke. You’ll only know what works after A LOT of time spent patterning every possible combination. Do you want to do that?

Or, you could just look around at some of the big shoots and see what chokes the winners are using. Copy them. If you see a lot of Comp N Port chokes in use, go for it. If not, try something else. In the meantime, your Beretta MobilChoke Improved Cylinder will do just fine at skeet as you learn to enjoy your A300.

In 12 gauge, an IC choke should have about .010″ constriction, though factory chokes often vary by quite a lot. A typical skeet choke has .005″ constriction, a touch more open. I’ve got Beretta factory MobilChokes in IC and Skeet which are all over the place in measurements. The aftermarket chokes I got from Briley and Trulock are spot on.

If you do get an extended steel choke like the Com N Port one, remember that it will add about an ounce or so of weight right at the very end of your barrel compared to a flush mounted MobilChoke. Is that something you want? Your call.

Welcome to the world of after-market stuff. You are the best judge of what works for you.

Best regards,
Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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