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My son and I are pretty serious skeet shooters and we are transitioning to sporting. He shoots 28ga in 12, 20, and 28 ga events. Currently his reload for skeet uses Win HS 28ga shell, Downrage PC blue wad, #8.5 mag shot, and approx 13.3 gr of 20/28 which runs approx 1180-1200 depending on powder lot. We have noticed how much better the 28ga win shells with 7.5 at 1300 fps perform for him on longer presentations and want to reload a shell for his sporting. We are concerned with psi – 20/28 appears too hot and borderline even at 1250 using approx 14gr according to tables. We really do not see any 1300 fps recipes that use our components. Alliant Pro Reach seems to be our best option to keep psi down and bump up the speed. Would appreciate any suggestions. For a reload to be viable costs have to be better than the 8.99 a box we pay for the win aa 28ga sporting shell from academy. Your jedi advice is appreciated!

Mike Kogan


You have already done your homework well. Alliant’s Pro Reach looks like an excellent choice for a 1300 fps 3/4 oz 28 gauge load according to the recipes in Alliant’s reloading manual. The Alliant recipes don’t list your Downrange wads, but the Claybuster and Duster wads they do list are easily available.

As to reloading costs, if you buy in bulk your costs will be well under half of what you are currently paying for AA 28 factory shells.

Now, I won’t get into whether your son actually needs 28 gauge loads with #7.5 shot at 1300 fps for clays at any distance. That’s up to you. If he feels he does better with that load, so be it. The Olympic shooters shoot great scores with those 24 gram loads at 1350 fps.

Best regards,
Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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