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Red Wing Shoes


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The Technoid Takes Gauss…

Your new Holland and Holland sporting clays gun was specially choked in England by a famed necromancer of that black art. You paid extra, but you got the best. You are certain that its patterns will be superior to the … Continue reading

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Gaussian (or Normal) Shot Patterns

Dear Bob, Bruce Buck forwarded to me your message, in which you asked, “You always say that shot patterns are “Gaussian.” I know a little about statistics, and was wondering if you could provide any references explaining the math and/or … Continue reading

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Federal Gold Medal Grand Shotshells

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Shorten LOP->shoot higher, lower or same?

Bruce, I have a BT99 that I want to shorten LOP on from 14.25 to 13.75, the gun shoots high now, will that make it shoot higher, lower, or no change to LOP? Thanks, Jim Jim, If your BT99 stock … Continue reading

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Coaching While Shooting for Score

O Great One: (The Editor) We are a shooting family, father mother and 14 year old son. We have always looked up your home page when browsing around the web. All three of us compete regionally (New England) and I … Continue reading

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The Move

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