Rust Prevention

I’ve always avoided using WD-40 on my guns due to its reputation for gumming actions. I never thought of it as a rust preventative. However the rust preventatives I’ve had faith in may not be as good as I thought. My gun storage situation (dry room, Goldenrod in safe) doesn’t present too much of a rust problem so I might not be as critical as I should be.

Take a look at this from Brownell’s:

You learn something new every day.

Bottom line: if what you are presently doing to prevent rust is working for you, don’t change a thing. If it isn’t, checkout that Brownell’s video.

Best regards,

Bruce Buck
The Technoid writing for Shotgun Report, LLC
(Often in error. Never in doubt.)

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3 Responses to Rust Prevention

  1. Bill E. says:

    Mr. Pearce, I should have said cloth like sleeves. I believe Bruce was referring to either type in his past advice against their use.


  2. Bill says:

    Based on Sir Technoid’s advice, I quit using the cloth gun sleeves that Brownells recommends in this video. Sheesh! What is a person to do? I mean Sir Techoid has knowledge plus experience on guns that predates Brownells because theirs only goes back to 1939. So as for me, I will have to continue to adhere to Herr Technoid’s accumulated wisdom. Thank you.


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