Eccentric Chokes

Dear Bruce,

Reading your article this week regarding the high shooting trap gun stimulated my thinking. (Which I really enjoyed. I think I’ll try thinking again sometime.)

I also shoot one gun for everything, a 682 Sporting Clays model. It shoots 50/50 for me, which I prefer. I remember that Briley makes eccentric chokes to correct barrels with poor POI. Could they create a choke which would give a desirable trap pattern so that we could float the bird with our flat guns? Wouldn’t this simply be a matter of raising the POI? We would use this choke for trap only.

There must be more to this, or it would be on the market. What am I missing?

I await your enlightenment. Thanks for your web site and your assistance.


Dear Bob,

You’re gonna LOVE FITASC. It’s the caviar of sporting clays. Expensive and slow-paced, it really is a thinking man’s game. If I had to limit my clay target shooting to just two games, I think that I would pick FITASC and bunker. But I don’t have to, so I try to shoot everything. Of course, you know what they say about a Jack-of-all-trades.

As to eccentric chokes raising your POI, why not. Contact Briley at Briley Manufacturing, 1230 Lumpkin, Houston, TX 77043, tel: 800-331-5718, <> and tell them what you want. You’ll probably have to send the barrels as they have to index the chokes. The nice thing about Briley is that if the chokes don’t work the way you want, send them back. Briley has great service and I recommend them highly. If they do something that isn’t right, they really do their best to fix it.

Obviously, you can’t expect the same quality of pattern from eccentric chokes that you get from perfectly lined up ones, but they can be pretty good. Cutting chokes on a bias has been a standard gunmaker’s fix for a hundred years. Sometimes it is done intentionally, sometimes not. Anytime that you make the shot change directions inside the barrel, there has to be additional deformation. Modern shot cups and hard shot will keep this to a minimum and if you aren’t looking for a super, super tight pattern, it ought to work fine.

I had a Parker Repro with a left barrel that shot a full pattern left. Since it had plenty of choke, I had it recut on a bias and angled back in. Worked like a charm.

I would guess that most shooters don’t bother with angled screw chokes to raise POI as they either

1) get a dedicated trap gun and raise POI from the stock, rather than at the muzzle, or

2) learn to cover the bird as most people do when shooting the “one gun does it all”.

Still, an eccentric choke isn’t that much money and is worth a try. Let me know how it works out. I’m always anxious to find out what happens when someone actually follows my advice. I never do, that’s for sure. I’d love to hear from any readers who have already gone this route and have something to report.

Best regards,

Bruce Buck
The Technoid writing for Shotgun Report, LLC
(Often in error, never in doubt.)

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2 Responses to Eccentric Chokes

  1. James Jones says:

    I agree with your FITASC comments but I’m afraid Bob was disappointed to find River Road closed. As far as I know it’s been closed for many years. If it’s reopened that’s truly good news–it was a very beautiful place to shoot. But my brief internet search this morning doesn’t lead me to believe that it’s been reopened. If anyone in your vast group of devoted followers knows otherwise I hope they will leave a comment.


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