Shorten LOP->shoot higher, lower or same?


I have a BT99 that I want to shorten LOP on from 14.25 to 13.75, the gun shoots high now, will that make it shoot higher, lower, or no change to LOP?



If your BT99 stock has a parallel comb (same comb height at the front as at the back), then altering the length will have no effect if the angle of the head doesn’t change. In calculating whether there is a change in height, if your gun has a Monte Carlo just measure the comb part, not the drop down of the Monte Carlo notch.

If your gun has a comb which slopes downward as it goes to the rear, then shortening the stock will move the face forward where it cheeks the stock and thus upward on the comb, again, if the angle of the head doesn’t change. This will make the gun shoot a little higher.

Unfortunately, it does get a little more subtle. Note how I said above “if the angle of the head doesn’t change”. In theory (my favorite two words), cheek position fore and aft on the stock isn’t the only thing to consider. One must also think of the angle of the head. If the stock is long, the natural way to hold the stock is to tip the head forward, thus lowering the eye in relation to the stock and making the gun shoot lower. If the stock is short, then a head’s up attitude is more natural and this raises the eye in relation to the comb and makes the gun shoot higher. All of this takes effect without altering stock height, just length. This change in the angle of the head raises and lowers the eye vs rib just as a comb height change does.

Confused yet? Me too.

Best regards,
Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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