Sticky Pad Fix

Good Morning Bruce,

Because of arthritis, surgery, fusions i can tolerate very little recoil. I have your data on shell loads.

I have found the Airteck Limbsaver to be the best pad for me. But it is so sticky i’m having trouble with it catching on clothes when I mount (sporting clays). Research on the web suggest , duct tape, electrical tape, talcum powder, clear nail polish, Armoral (tried armoral-disappionted). I know there use to be a chemical you could apply, but it is off the market.

Are you aware of any other solutions beside premount and the above suggestions?

Love your web site and have learned so much.


Ray Brown


Thanks so much for the kind comment.

As to sticky new recoil pads, I know just how you feel. I shoot low gun and always have trouble with a new pad. For my use, I’ve generally stuck with black plastic electrical tape. It molds nicely around the curve of the pad and stays on just fine.

The other approach you might try is Slick Eez.

Some pads (the older Pachmayr ones) will harden and smooth up as they age. A little extra time in direct sun light will help that. Dunno about the materials used in the Limbsaver. That stuff seems to stay sticky longer.

Electrical tape or Slick Eez. Those would be my two approaches.

Best regards,
Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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