Laser Measuring Cast

Dear Technoid,

I may have found a new, easy and accurate way to measure stock cast.

First, apply a bit of masking tape to the top edge of the stock at the heel and mark the longitudinal center of the stock on the tape with a fine-line felt marker. Next, rest the gun on a table with the trigger-guard hanging over the edge of the table. Now, hold a laser pointer at the front bead and direct the beam so that it “rakes” along the center of the rib. When the beam is visible near the mark on the masking tape, the cast can be read with a ruler.


Dear Readers,

The above is a great example of why gun readers are smarter than gun writers. I have spent some time with a stock maker’s measuring stick, but find Dave’s “new tech” approach to be refreshingly simple.Normally, to measure cast I have to pad the gun in a vice and use a specially constructed tool or fool around with a straight edge and square. The laser is quick and easy to use for casual measurement, though there will have to be some tinkering to get cast at toe. The little laser pointers are available everywhere and are quite inexpensive. The knife catalogues all carry them if you can’t find them at the corner stationary store.

Best regards,

Bruce Buck
The Technoid at <>
(Often in error, never in doubt.)

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1 Response to Laser Measuring Cast

  1. Ray Brown says:

    Great idea, but poorly written instructions. What the hell does “raked” mean.


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