Remington Shotguns

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3 Responses to Remington Shotguns

  1. Gerald Packard says:

    I agree. I had a Remington 31 in 16 ga. that did the job on any ruffed grouse I pointed close enough to. I did have the choke opening to IC from the full it came with. A plain jane looking gun, but when you looked at the internals you realized how much it might cost today to make one of these. As slick as they came. I purchased mine used and I am sure it never had been cleaned.
    Soaked the working parts in a can of mineral spirits for days. Hit it with compressed air. Did this 2 or three times. Then sprayed with rem oil and blew the excess off. Was it slick – you bet!


  2. Bill says:

    IMO the best pump shotgun ever made was the Remington Model 31. I have owned nearly all the brands of pumps including the Model 12 Winchester and the Model 31 is easily the smoothest functioning and well executed of that type of shotgun.


    • Richard Fleming says:

      My 31-TC made in 1949 is as good a trap-gun as I have EVER owned! I have shot and owned many Krieghoffs, Perazzis, Ljutcs, and Model 12s over the past 40+ years. These were all excellent guns, but none were functionally superior or more shootable than the 31-TC. The 31 could serve as the dictionary definition of smoothness and shootability. If Remington made this gun today, to the same standard, they could charge $5000 for it and there would be long waiting lists! For Doubles, the Belgian Browning Lightning Trap is similarly splendid and unsurpassed!
      Ask Britt Robinson about the 31 or Gene Sears about the Superposed.


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