Double Triggers For A Lefty

Dear Technoid,

Forgive me if this question has been asked before or if it is so painfully obvious that it does not deserve an answer. My attempt at searching your archives returned no matches.

My question: Does the trigger configuration for a double triggered gun pose any hindrances for a lefty? I’ve never seen a gun with the right barrel trigger at the rear, so there must be a (several) reason(s) to have the triggers right-forward and left-back.

I enjoy The Shotgun Report and appreciate any wisdom you can lend on this subject.


Dear Jerry,

Dunno about this wisdom stuff, but I certainly put out enough barnyard effluent to make any garden grow. Half of what I say is correct. I just forget which half.

No, SxS double trigger guns are not generally set up differently for lefties than righties as far as trigger configuration goes. Usually the front trigger fires the right hand (open choke) barrel, while the rear trigger fires the left (tight choke) barrel. Some special driven game guns are set so that the chokes are reversed and the front trigger shoots the tight choke barrel (remember, driven birds are incoming so your first shot is your longest).

The SxS double trigger gun is ALWAYS set so that the first barrel usually fired is set off by the front trigger. It is considered easier for both lefties and righties to go from front to back trigger than visa versa.

That said, there may be lefty righty differences in the way the triggers are bent. On better guns, the triggers are bent to the right so as to feel better to a righty. If the gun were ordered by a lefty, they would be slightly bent to the left. On mass production guns, they are usually centered.

That’s it. Now we can both tell our left from our right.

Best regards,

Bruce Buck
The Technoid at <>
(Often in error, never in doubt.)

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