Sporting Clays In The Hudson Valley 2017

Sporting clays in the Hudson Valley took a significant loss when in January, 2016, Beretta Shooting Grounds at Dover Furnace ceased operation. At the time that Dover Furnace, (as it was commonly called) closed, business activity, measured by the parking lot metric, was good. During the weekends, the new parking lot was full, at the perimeter; and during the weekdays, sometimes one quarter to one third full.

Observations on the status of sporting clays in the Hudson Valley one year post closure:

1. There are two remaining commercial sporting clays venues in the mid-Hudson valley: Orvis-Sandanona in Millbrook, NY and Mid-Hudson Sporting Clays, New Paltz, NY.

2. The Orvis shooting grounds has essentially remained as it’s been for the last 20+ years, except for an addition of a new station or two. That’s neither good, nor bad, it is an accurate statement of fact.

3. Mid-Hudson Sporting Clays has purchased additional property adjacent to their property. It’s not clear exactly what they are going to do on the new property. On the original property they have 2-4 FITASC fields depending on demand and scheduling and usually 4 target presentations (at as many as) 18 sporting stations.

4. Prices at both Orvis and Mid-Hudson have gone up since the closure of Dover Furnace. Both venues offer a paid annual membership that reduces the cost of a round of shooting and rental of golf carts.

Opinion: There is room for a third commercial sporting clays venue in the Hudson Valley.

Pluses: Demographics of the NYC metro area; high population density, high income. Proven support for a third sporting venue.

Negatives: High cost of real estate and taxes; blue state opposition to anything related to firearms, e.g. zoning; nine to ten month revenue due to weather/cold.

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2 Responses to Sporting Clays In The Hudson Valley 2017

  1. David L Vutera says:

    Don’t forget TMT Preserve in Clinton.


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