Browning Announces BXD Turkey Load

Browning rolled out a bevy of ammunition offerings in 2016, shotshells included. What didn’t make the initial cut, though, was a turkey load. That’s changing in 2017 with the introduction of BXD Turkey.

Source: Browning Announces BXD Turkey Load

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2 Responses to Browning Announces BXD Turkey Load

  1. Richard Fleming says:

    I believe it was in one of Harry Middleton’s books that some old codger from the Ozarks claimed that all the camo and stealth was unnecessary and said that he could get a gobbler while dressed in a Santa Claus suit. After achieving success, a dozen such costumes were delivered to the local post-office within the next week! Whether or not this is true, it’s a good story and illustrates the fact that we are all pretty gullible.

    I have killed several turkeys here in North Central Texas with 2 3/4″ trap loads of #7 1/2 shot in an 870 TC (30″ full). I even shot one out of the air thus armed. He hit the ground with a loud THUMP!

    I’m as credulous as anyone and have spent a young fortune on Perazzis, Krieghoffs, Ljutics, DT Berettas, and Pigeon Grade Model 12s, but if one is “reduced” to an 870 or 1100, his scores probably won’t suffer.


  2. Doug kubosh says:

    Amazing we are not totally overrun with turkeys. Must be some kind of mistake, all the birds that have bought the farm with 2 1/2 ” and 2 3/4 ” shells.


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