Browning A5 Sweet Sixteen

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  1. Bill E. says:

    A buddy of mine who is a huge 16 gauge aficionado, (he won’t use anything else) got one of these recently. He is a very knowledgeable and dedicated reloader so ammo availability is not a problem for him. He owns a truckload full of 16s especially Sweet 16s, dating back to the first ones made. He told me that this new one handles best of all, and he shoots it better than any his other guns! However, like Sir Technoid indicated when he reviewed this gun; my friend also does not like the very full and tight radius pistol grip and is considering spending the money to have it removed and made into a straight grip version. He has discovered that it’s not as easy as one would think because under the large pistol grip area Browning made it hollow! I did not shoot his new Sweet 16 but did handle it quite a bit. It felt very well balanced and of course the light weight makes it easy to carry. I recommended to my friend that since he shoots the gun “as is” so well, and because altering the grip would be a real hassle; he should just use it. I guess Browning designed that hollowed-out, very large pistol grip for balance purposes, but wouldn’t a smaller more streamlined design been easier and more aesthetically pleasing?


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