Choking A Belgian Superposed

Hi Bruce,

I’m thinking of finding a Grade I Superposed Lightning Trap, having Briley install their Thin-Wall chokes, and using it for Skeet, SC, etc. Briley claims that they can screw-choke about 80% of these guns.

What are your thoughts on such a procedure? My main concern is that I might be convicted of blasphemy/sacrilege on Judgement Day and sentenced to plumb the depths of Hades forevermore!

No less an authority than Gene Sears says that the Superposed is “… the best O/U shotgun EVER made at ANY PRICE!”

Thanks for your attention!

Richard Fleming

Dear Richard,

Well, it just so happens that I might be of some use to you as I’ve been there/done that.

I think that Gene Sears was right when he commented on the Superposed. Yes, I’ve owned Perazzis and Krieghoffs, but my go-to O/Us are the Belgian Superposeds. That said, I do slightly prefer the Supers made by Fabrique Nationale for the European market as they often have lighter barrels than the Superposed target guns made for the American market, especially in the trap versions. But that’s a matter of personal taste, not of quality.

I had Briley install a full set of flush-mounted Thinwalls in one of my Fabrique Nationale “Special Trap No. 6” bunker guns. I didn’t think that it would be possible to do it as the barrels were so siamesed that there didn’t seem to be any room to cut even the flat threads that they use. Well, I was wrong and Briley did a perfect job. I don’t know how they machined it that closely, but they did.

Did I destroy the value of the gun? No way. 12 gauge Grade 1 American or European market Supers really aren’t that collectible. You can still buy the American import ones for around $2,000 for a nice target version. Adding screw chokes isn’t going to upset that. Sub-gauge and engraved Supers are different. People collect those guns and any change in original condition affects the price. But I don’t think that it does in the grade one stuff. Screw choke it, shoot all the games with it, enjoy! Life is short. You might as well shoot the heck out of the best gun.

I use my FN for all the games: SC, bunker, FITASC, skeet. I modified the stock to fit correctly. I like to see a bit of rib when I mount the gun, so it works for all the games.

Now, I must confess that I didn’t settle for the five chokes which come with the package. But if I had to pick just 5 chokes, I’d get Skeet, Skeet, Mod, Mod and Full. SK/SK for skeet, Mod/Full for trap/bunker and I’d use Mod/Mod for Sporting and FITASC. While Mod/Mod for SC and FITASC might sound restrictive, it really is liberating. Instead of busily changing chokes at each station, you can pay attention to the targets. With both barrels choked the same, there is no worry about which choke to use on which target. Try it and if your son doesn’t like it, you can always order more chokes later.

But, again, I should emphasize that this is just one guy’s approach. If your son is more comfortable swapping chokes at Sporting, so be it. Buy a bunch. But as to having Briley do the work and install the Thinwalls, go for it. It will make a great gun even greater.

Best regards,
Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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2 Responses to Choking A Belgian Superposed

  1. Robert Miller says:

    Here is a different approach. I recently purchased a 1955 solid rib Superposed magnum off Gunbroker for $1000.The metal was in almost new condition, and the wood was good but could use a refinish which I will do later this year. I wanted the magnum because it is the only practical way to get 30″ barrels without a high trap stock. The gun was completely original when I got it and surprisingly it weighed only 7lbs 9oz with the heavy original Browning/Pachmayr white line pad. I replaced the pad and added about 8oz of lead in the stock to get the weight to just over 8lbs. I may go to Brileys, but for now I had Mike Orlen open the chokes to lt mod/imp mod. With spreader loads the tighter barrel shoots decent skeet patterns. I do routinely switch barrels, using the more open barrel for the closer bird, or with spreaders I effectively have skeet and lt mod. I am in gun with the modifications less than $1200, and it is a lot of fun to shoot. If I really want to shoot my best scores, however, I probably would take gas, a 391 Beretta Sporting. (Haven’t I heard that somewhere before?).


  2. Ed Hege says:

    I agree 100% with Mr. Buck. I bought a 1952 Grade 1 Superposed trap gun for $1250.00 a few years ago for $1250.00. I replaced the bolt, and tightened the forend to the hinge pin. I refinished the wood with Tru-oil, and recut the checkering. I had Briley install their thin-wall chokes (SS,MM,F), and I put a leather-covered recoil pad on the gun. I think it makes a nearly perfect, rather understatedly elegant all-round shot gun.
    I don’t think you could do any better at many times the investment.


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