More On Breakfree CLP

Dear Technoid,

I just recently bought a AL390 and shot it wet as you suggested for the first few hundred rounds, but I used RIG oil lubricant in a spray can. It worked great for breaking the gun in for a few hundred rounds. I had no problem cleaning any part of my gun at any time. After the first few times that I went out and put a hundred rounds through the gun, each time, I broke down the gun and cleaned it thoroughly and re-lubed everything. I had no problem getting the carbon off of anything, a little bit of Hoppes on a paper towel or rag did the trick, no problem. I then re-lubed it and was ready for the next time that I made it to the range. I am now out of the “shoot it wet” stage and the gun still performs flawlessly.

My question is this. You seem to talk quite a bit about CLP. I don’t quite understand why you constantly recommend that Very Strong and Foul smelling lubricant so religiously. I understand about keeping the crud in a solution, but is this really a big issue? I have gone to the range with my AL390 and shot over 150 rounds in a day without cleaning anything, or adding any lube. These shots include many at the skeet range(doubles). My gun never slowed down or performed below what was expected of it. Are you, or your web sight sponsored in some way by this company? What are the >reasons that you stand behind this product so strongly?

I don’t mean to sound mean or offensive in any way, and I apologize if I sound that way. I just want to know why you are such a devoted supporter of this product….is it magic?

Thanks. David

p.s. Keep up the good work. I value your opinion highly and I thank you for all the knowledge that I have been able to acquired by reading your writings.

Dear David,

No offense taken whatsoever. Your questions are good ones and ought to be asked.

We are not sponsored by BreakFree in any way and have no ties to them. I buy the BreakFree the same way you do. I recommend BreakFree CLP for use on gas guns because it is the best product I have found for keeping carbon in solution for the longest period of time possible. It isn’t perfect, but I haven’t found anything better. Maybe the next bottle of elixir that I try will be better.

Do you need anything at all? Maybe yes, maybe no. If your gun is broken in and you clean it every 100-200 rounds, you can probably get away doing just about anything- dry, wet or in between.

I am not as good about cleaning. I often let my 390 or 303 go 1,000 rounds before paying any attention to it. (Remember, I always said that the Technoid had feet of clay and a head like an iron ingot.) In those situations, a little squirt of BreakFree CLP here and there will keep things going until you can get to that long overdue cleaning. I also recommend BreakFree CLP for “problem” guns or guns that haven’t fully broken in.

The bottom line for all this stuff is that if your gun is working fine the way you are maintaining it, don’t change anything. Fine is fine. It doesn’t get better than that. If it starts to gum up, then try the BreakFree CLP. If it doesn’t, don’t.

Best regards,

Bruce Buck
The Technoid at <>
(Often in error, never in doubt.)

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3 Responses to More On Breakfree CLP

  1. Carlo says:

    BreakFree CLP…originally designed for the US Armed Forces…the profession of arms…Uncle Sam loaned me a M16A1 rifle that took baths in it…do not understand the CLP hate.


  2. Jay says:

    BreakFree CLP makes 1911’s run butter smooth. That is a good test of lubricity.


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