Wretched Beretta Pistol Grips

Dear Mr. Technoid:

Five months ago I was introduced to shotguns for the first time and almost immediately become hopelessly addicted to all things shotguns.

Since then I have purchased three guns, a Remington 11-87, a Parker reproduction 12 gauge and a Beretta 682 gold. I have had all guns fitted, and shoot them reasonably, mainly at skeet and sporting clays. The Parker, which I shoot the most easily and effortlessly, is mainly for hunting.

The problem I have is with the grip of the 682. I am small framed and have small sized hands (I take a small to medium glove size.) The Parker, which has a straight stock, fits my hand really well and so does the 11-87. But the 682, either because of it’s “palm swell” or the general design of the stock, feels much thicker, and when I fire, the trigger guard recoils into my middle finger quite painfully.

I have tried positioning my grip further back on the grip area, but that works only if I grip quite hard, and mostly on the first shot. I have never had the trigger guard hit my finger on the Parker, the 11-87 or on a Browning 425 that I used briefly.

It seems to me that the 682 grip area seems tapered towards the front (thicker at the back, thinner towards the front) and my hand slides forward when the stock recoils. I spoke about this with some fellow shooters, and got two suggestions —

a) grind down the palm swell and reduce/remove the taper effect, and

b) replace the stock with another stock which has a more pronounced, or more downwardly angled, pistol grip.

I can see the logic in both approaches, although I would not have thought of the second (b) suggestion myself. Could you suggest what the best course of action for me would be? Can I even find a stock with a more pronounced pistol grip? I would actually be loath to replace the stock because the gun fitter had to put an adjustable comb on the stock as he could not raise the comb enough for me via bending.

Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

As an aside, you should be very proud of the invaluable service you offer to the shooting public. There must be many, like myself, who have gained a deeper understanding of this sport through your advice and counsel (and your perfectly measured humor !!), which cannot but help promote and propagate this wonderful sport of ours.

Sincerely Akbar

Dear Akbar,

The Beretta pistol grips don’t suit me either and I am large framed and have large hands. They don’t suit a surprising number of people. It is one of the most frequent complaints I hear about Berettas. The Remington pistol grip suits almost everyone. You would think that Beretta might look around and figure this out, but nooooo, they don’t.

You may be able to get a new after-market stock for your Beretta from Jeff’s Outfitters at http://www.jeffsoutfitters.com/, but I really don’t think that it is worth the time or expense as any new one may well have the same grip. The ones from Beretta USA certainly will. I would just recut the pistol grip on your existing gun. That way you don’t have to sacrifice the adjustable comb you installed. You can cut wood away until it fits. If you cut too much, just build the wood back up with Bondo car body putty or some other product. I have seen dental dam material used also. Brownell’s at 515-623-4001 will surely have the right stuff. Copy the 11-87’s pistol grip. You know that works.

In the end, you may have an awful looking stock, but it will fit and that is what matters. Some people just paint the stock some fancy color to hide the putty and let it go. Others are fussier and go to the expense of having a new stock made. Up to you. If the Beretta is a serious target gun for you, I would just give it a coat or two of clear polyurethane to protect things and go shooting. Target guns look so much more serious when they are in the midst of construction.

Thanks for the nice comments about the site. It’s fun to do, though it does take an inordinate amount of time for both Roland and myself.

Best regards,

Bruce Buck
The Technoid at http://www.ShotgunReport.com
(Often in error, never in doubt.)

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