Unique Cross Dominance Fix

Dear Readers,

Once again a Shotgun Report reader has come up with something practical, simple and ingenious. This fix for cross dominance may or may not work for you, but it is sure worth a try. Success with this technique may very much depend on whether you shoot low or high gun due to the mounting consistency required.

Dear Bruce:

First, thanks for your advice on shooting glasses. It has worked out very well. Your web site is excellent. I have learned more about shot gunning equipment and technique from your web site over the past year or so than from all other sources in almost 40 years of shot gunning. My annual appreciation fee is in the mail-honest.

Regarding cross eyed dominance, I’m one of them and have tried all the recommended remedies, none of which I felt comfortable with. After reading Roland Leong’s article on the Uni-Dot Sights I thought perhaps my “solution” would be of interest.

About a year ago my daughter gave me a baseball cap from the college she attends. Its the new style with a low crown and a slightly longer bill. I took it shooting and shot well above my normal average. I was only seeing one barrel that day but didn’t know why. to make a long story short, over the course of the year I realized that when I adjust the bill of the cap slightly to the left and down (I’m right handed) so that it just touches the left rim of my shooting glasses, which ride high, it also blocks out the tip of the barrel when the gun is mounted in shooting position.

Perhaps the rest of the world has tried this “solution” and rejected it, but it works for me and I suggest that others with the same problem might want to give it a try.

Thanks for your great web site.

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1 Response to Unique Cross Dominance Fix

  1. Tom Fiumarello says:

    My only comment would be, with that cap down like that…………what else are you missing that you don’t even realize you are. I will bet it will be a lot, especially on birds that are high coming from the left. Plus the cap can move as you do, and as it does, what happens to your visual focus on the target? Bet it will change. Glad it works for you, but for the masses, I don’t think that will be a fix I could count on time after time, shot after shot. Just my two cents, which used to be worth 5 a year ago.


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