Books On Gunfitting

Dear Technoid,

Looking for a book on Gun Fitting. I just started Sporting Clay & would like to know the proper way the gun should fit. Is there a book on this subject that you can recommend.



Dear Bob,

My two favorites are “Gunfitting, the Quest for Perfection” by Michael Yardley, 1993, Safari Press, Long Beach, CA. and “Shotgun Shooting, Techniques and Technology” by John Brindle, 1984, SAIGA Publishing, Hindhead, Surrey, England, ISBN: 090455891-6.

Brindle’s book, though it only has a section on fitting, spends a great deal of time on the shooter’s physiognomy. Yardleys’ short work is very broad in that he discusses all the different methods of shooting and how the individual must be fit to suit not only his own size and features, but also to suit the shooting style he adopts.

Brindle rates right at the top in the pantheon of Technoidal deities (along with Garwood and Brister). His book is out of print, but often can find out of print books for you. Amazon doesn’t list Yardleys Gunfitting book, but it is fairly recent and I am sure that they can get copies from Safari Press. Amazon lists Brindle’s book as out of print, but they offer to try to get it for you. Definitely worth a try. My copy is just about worn out and I may be in the market for a second copy myself.

By the way, I always judge any article or book on gunfitting by the way they treat (or fail to treat) pitch. This is one of the least understood aspects of proper gun fit. Both Yardley and Brindle pass the pitch test with flying colors, though they deal with it differently..

You will find Yardley a quick read with less detail and substance, but still quite adequate. Yardley makes good use of photos. Brindle is always difficult to read. He’s like Shakespeare in the sense that you simply can’t skim his stuff. You have to read every word and then think about it a bit. Tough sledding at times, but definitely worth the ride. Brindle is seriously good.

Best regards,

Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid
(Often in error, never in doubt.)

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