Blackjack Sporting Clays

Central Florida has a new sporting clays venue, Blackjack Sporting Clays, located in Sumterville, FL just off the FL Turnpike, about 20 minutes south of The Villages. Blackjack welcomed 147 shooters on Saturday, January 20 with their Grand Opening Fun Shoot on their Orange course. Blackjack is operational, and open to the public. Carts are available for rental, and in addition to the Orange course, Blackjack has a Blue course and a Sub-gauge course for shooters to try.

Construction of some facilities is still ongoing, and gun racks at shooting stations were missing at the time of the Grand Opening. Some shooters were miffed that the rental carts had no gun racks, but evidently management consciously chose to do so. Promatic traps, Claymate WiCard Controllers and EZ Go carts are management’s choice for equipment. The cart path to the shooting stations is asphalt paved, reasonably level, and easily traversed by foot and push cart if one is so inclined.

Florida is fortunate to have a lot of sporting venues. We hope they all do well financially, and that the sport continues to grow.

Blackjack Sporting Clays
3372 County Road 526
Sumterville, Florida 33585

(352) 569-9469

Addendum: The the Blackjack Open (1/24/18) gun racks and seating were placed at each shooting stand.

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