Sub-Gauge Reloading

Dear Technoid:

Thanks for the advice on using the Remington wads in the Remington hulls for 28 gauge reloads. They look great. After I use all of the claybuster wads that I have, I will take your advice on using the Remington wads in both types of hulls. This one bit of advice saved me countless hours at the bench as well as $$$. I kept thinking that something was wrong with they way my 9000 G was set up because I had seen recipes for using this wad in the Remington hull.

While we are at it. What are your favorite reloads in the 12 and 20 as well. I shoot skeet and sporting clays, but shoot a little more skeet and would be interested in what you would recommend.

Longview, TX

Dear John,

Glad that the Remington wads worked out for you. They have certainly stopped all the 28 gauge problems for me. Maybe it is the way we have set up our particular reloaders.

Favorite loads in 12 and 20? Just about anything works in the 12. There are so many good recipes that I can’t pick one. I generally use AA or Rem hulls (the STS or Nitro 27 hulls are the best I have ever seen), plus an orange AA or Clay buster wad, AA 209 primer and whatever powder is handy. I have shot literally dozens and dozens of kegs of 700X, Red Dot and Hodgdon Clays. They all perform just fine, but the Clays is a bit cleaner if that matters. I have always really liked Winchester Superlite too. Perhaps that is my favorite. Zutz always felt that Superlite produced the most open patterns and Green Dot the tightest. I use my chokes to regulate my patterns, so I don’t pay much attention to that. If I were a 27 yard handicap trap shooter, I sure would. When I load up 7/8 oz in the 12 for use in my game gun, I find that the Federal 12SO wad or its Claybuster clone works better than the new WinAA silver wads. Using Clays, the silver wads bulge some cases in my 9000H and the 12SOs never do.

20 gauge is much tricker. I prefer the compression formed AA and Rem hulls to the others, use AA 209s, Claybuster clone wads and either Unique or Winchester Super Field. I am convinced that Super Field is the ideal 20 gauge target load powder, but since I use Unique in the 28 (by far the best 28 gauge powder I have ever used), I also use it in the 20 to keep things simple. Super Field is really nice though and I ought to get some.

Best regards,

Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid
(Often in error, never in doubt.)

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