Estimating Lead (2017)

Estimating Lead (2017) from DucksUnlimited on Vimeo.

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1 Response to Estimating Lead (2017)

  1. G. Barraclough says:

    This is the silliest advice I’ve ever seen in this otherwise Gold Standard column. Usually bereft of foolishness. Thank you Bruce Buck for straight talk, expertise and no BS.

    How would a hunter determine “some lead” or “more lead?” The hunter would have to look at the bird, the gun, the bird, the gun, and so on until the trigger is pulled. I see Mr. Bourjaily’s right finger is “pointing” the bird and it looks like he is swinging through (following through) the bird with no appearance of head lifting as should be done . But this business of selecting no lead, some lead, more lead or a lot of lead is foolish.

    Better to get a copy of Robert Churchill’s GAME SHOOTING wherein he advises 100% concentration on the bird, pointing straight at the bird with the leading hand index finger and let God’s magnificent computer mounted on your shoulders automatically calculate the exact amount of lead needed for each shot.


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