Remington 1100 Classic Trap-Shoots Flat?

Hey Bruce, you being an old 1100 kinda of a guy was wondering if you could tell me if the model 1100 Classic Trap gun shoots flat or does the Monte Carlo stock allow it to shoot a bit higher, say around 60/40, thinking I want a reduced recoiling gun as apposed to my BT, any suggestions would be of help.


I don’t have an 1100 Classic Trap at hand, but my 870 TC Trap with the standard (non-Monte Carlo) stock from 1966 shoots flat when you look right down the rib. The rib on my 870 TC is flat without a raised area at the rear. As to the 1100 trap, my guess is that if you sight flat down the rib and the gun has a flat rib, it will shoot flat. If it has a rib that is raised at the rear, then it might shoot a little high. I’m sure that the 1100 trap guns came with both kinds of ribs depending on the year of manufacture.

Or course, you can always make your gun shoot a bit higher by shimming the stock up. The 1100s didn’t (and still don’t) come with stock adjustment shims, but it is easy enough to gerrymander one.

Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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