High Shooting Guns

My dear beloved shotgun adviser,

I was wondering since trap shooter like a gun that shoots high so they can see the bird so to speak and shot its legs off, way don’t skeet shooters and Sporting clay guys feel the same way?

Your beloved shotgun follower,


Dear Steve,

Trap shooters like a gun which shoots a little high because they shoot a rising target (if they don’t wait too long to shoot). If their guns shot flat on a rising target, they would have to cover the target when they shot to get the right “lead”. Covering the target would mean shooting blind with the barrel obscuring the bird. Not good.

When the gun is set up to shoot high, they can hold below the rising target so that they can clearly see it and the barrel isn’t in the way, and yet the gun can hit the bird because it shoots high. It is always easier to hit something you can see.

Skeet and sporting shooters generally want flat shooting guns because their targets aren’t always rising. In sporting, the targets are falling just as often as they are rising. So you set your sporting clays gun up neutral and just have to adjust the lead. When you get a trap-type target, you will be forced to cover it up with the barrel when you shoot. No way around it.

All that said, some shooters do set up their sporting and skeet guns to shoot a bit high because they like to hold underneath the bird. It’s a matter of personal choice. I like a sporting or skeet gun to shoot 50/50 or flat, but it’s all what you get used to.

Bruce Buck
Shotgun Report’s Technoid

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