Reloading Recipes


im looking at a recipe for Hodgdon 700x…. i currently can not find this however i can find Imr 700x…. since they are the same company, is it the same just new labeling?

thank you
wm haven

Dear Wm Haven,

With a question like this, it is ALWAYS best to directly contact the manufacturer rather than some drivel-spouting writer like me. When messing around with reloading recipes you want to be absolutely, positively sure what’s going on and you go straight to the horse’s mouth. Don’t mess around with reloading recipes.

I sure loaded enough IMR 700X in the past years, but haven’t used it recently.

The telephone number for Hodgdon Powder Company’s “Reloading Data Center” is given as: (913-362-9455) on their website:

Contact them directly and you will have your question answered by the people who know what they are talking about.

Bruce Buck
ShotgunReport’s Technoid

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